Just River

Publication date: November 24, 2021

The Otis, an inconsequential river-not the Hudson-flows through Wattsville, a small city a few hours north but a universe away from the real City, capital C. You might think the everyday people who live here, in this land of scarce opportunity, are also inconsequential. Until you meet them.

Sam, a cross-dresser with a voice like Tina Turner’s and his best friend Carol, a cashier who stress eats, prove their mettle when Carol’s daughter Garnet is imprisoned for defending herself against a violent boyfriend. Sam and Carol’s plots to save Garnet have consequences, however. An innocent boy is blamed for their actions and kidnapped, a dog gets poisoned, and Garnet’s life is imperiled as parole becomes a distant dream. In the end, it’s the river that offers up justice for these heroes-at-heart. But they will need to be able to swim.