Just River has won the Silver!

Just River has won the Silver! ….

In the Wishing Shelf Independent Book Awards! I’m so proud of this one, because the Wishing Shelf gang is so thorough and transparent. They send the books to tons of readers–real readers in book groups. Here is a little of what these readers said about Just River:
“A very original story, character-led, with lots of underlying humour. I enjoyed it very much. I particularly enjoyed getting to know Sam, the cross-dresser. I liked hie style and the way he lived his life.” Male reader, aged 55
“Although there’s an interesting plot here involving domestic violence, it’s the characters which jump off the page. I loved the author’s writing style; the flow is excellent, and the character development is spot on.” Female reader, aged 49
“I suspect anybody interested in small town America and the way a community works (or might not work) will find this story compelling. The author is a strong writer who’s in no hurry to tell her story. As a result, the characters are given room to develop, and there’s plenty of suspense, particularly in the second half.” Female reader, aged 41
“For me, Garnet was the most interesting character. I felt she developed the most in the story. Interesting mix of gritty (domestic abuse, prison, etc.) and humour; I felt the author pulled it off well.” Male reader, aged 56
“Worth reading just for the small town, American setting. Utterly enjoyable.” Female reader, aged 44